What makes us different?

We’re great believers in the fact that journalists make the best PR people!  We understand what news is and what our fellow journalists are looking for!

Back in 2008, Fiona Dwyer PR was born and with it a new dawn of transparent public relations. Fiona’s uncanny knack of tapping into the core of a company’s ethics has meant that, as well as bringing a story into the public domain, from day one she and her team start to develop a relationship with readers and viewers that brings with it integrity, honesty, accountability and likeability!

It’s also been pointed out to us that Fiona is probably the only PR consultant in the region who is still a working journalist!

Now rebranded as FDPR, we’re going from strength to strength.  We love what we do and that’s what keeps us striving to always do our very best for all our clients.

About FDPR

Our team

  • Fiona Dwyer

    Managing Director

    Fiona Dwyer is a PR specialist, journalist and senior reporter for ITV Yorkshire’s Calendar News. She has reported, presented and produced there for over 20 years. She thinks nothing of reporting live from the scene. She has also reported live and recorded as-live inserts for ITN News and ITV’s former 24-hour news channel as well as producing and presenting live daily radio news bulletins. She has successfully turned her skills to public relations and has been running her own consultancy for the last eight years. She can undoubtedly help you improve your public image and increase your profile in the media. Fiona is also an extremely talented and versatile voiceover artist and is a popular columnist for HullMag, BeverleyMag and DN14.

  • Christina Colmer McHugh

    PR Manager

    Christina Colmer McHugh is also a journalist with over 20 years experience in the media industry. Having worked in newspapers, both regional and national, on magazines and radio she has a vast network of contacts that make her an exceptional treasure to have on your side. She also has 15 years experience specialising in public relations in both B2B and B2C sectors as well as working in government at both local and national levels and on many charity events. Christina has been a columnist, features editor and contributor for some of the UK’s leading regional dailies, broadsheets and popular magazines. She has also written for many bi-lingual publications after spending a period of time in France. On top of this she has also spent many years as a ghostwriter for many high profile politicians and celebrities.

As well as getting regular newspaper, radio and on-line coverage for our businesses FDPR also goes that extra mile and helps us gain extra exposure for our social media marketing and is always looking out for referrals for us.

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