Squirrel Hill Tales 2 coming soon!

Would you like your grown-up to, at least sometimes, not be quite so grown-up and treat you equally by, perhaps, reading a story with you? Not to you, but with you so when you feel ready to join in you can. We are sure they’ll have as much fun as you.

Squirrel Hill Tales is a play-book covering some big ideas for you and your grown-ups to use as a helpful prompt to read, draw, create and enjoy story-telling together, again.

There are also ways, if you like, to win prizes, with your grown-up’s help. It’s Fearnley and Fearnley's belief the very very best art comes from children who just draw and paint and write about the things they see in their lives.

Squirrel Hill Tales is Robin redbreast red ring-bound with plenty of pages to create your own magic and limited in their first imprint.


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