Building Reputation

Getting into the papers

The key difference here is that editorial coverage carries great authority because it has been filtered through the objective lens of a journalist. Before an editor believes your claims, he or she will look for evidence, facts, figures and third party endorsements from users and customers. The result of all this is not just publicity, it’s credibility. Being trained journalists we know better than most what gets in front of the editor and what gets binned!

Getting you noticed

Much of the work we do revolves around positioning the client’s senior people as “thought leaders.” Put simply, we pinpoint where your specific area of expertise lies so we can best place you with media opportunities. We want you to become the ‘go to’ person should any topic linked to your expertise arise. We can deliver feature articles that get coverage because they respond to what editors are looking for at that precise moment. Often the process of developing an article will also provide material for content marketing and social media programmes. Sometimes it takes time, sometimes it’s instant!

Building Reputation

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