Media Relations

Working with the Media

Contrary to popular belief, the media are not there to publicise your business. They serve their readers. Our goal is to help you overcome this apparent contradiction.  To do this we need to give the media what they want in a form that they can use.  Above all it means being visible to the media, but not "in their face." Then, when you have a strong story or angle, they are more likely to use it.  As PR professionals we understand what makes news and how to give you the best chance of a sustained media profile.

Telling Your Story

There is much hype about storytelling, but one thing's for sure, we don’t write fairy tales! We tell your story in a clear, compelling and convincing way. That means we work hard to understand your market and your unique proposition. Most importantly we dig out the real story that will keep readers engaged, not the corporate fluff that just leaves readers and journalists cold.

As journalists ourselves, our writing style is clear, factual and evidence based because that’s what the press and readers want. And ultimately that’s what will get your message across.

Media Relations

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