Media Training

Media training is vital to all organisations who want to convey information to the public via television, radio, TV or online.  Planning interview opportunities in advance is a must and preparing spokespeople for every eventuality avoids confusion of message and avoids reputations being damaged.

My training has always been bespoke to an individual or small group of up to 3.  It is very hands-on. Before any session I work with a client to make sure that the training I provide covers their specific needs and addresses the issues they face.  I also tailor any training to ensure it’s pitched to the right level of experience. 

I approach all training from the perspective of the journalist.  I help clients understand how to talk to journalists, what to expect in any given interview situation (whether for print or broadcast media), what to do and not to do, carry out mock-interviews depending on the scenario at hand (with a TV camera if appropriate to the particular session), help them come up with appropriate answers, even advise them on what to wear.  If you know what to expect and you are prepared, even if you are asked a question you don’t know the answer to, you will know what to say.

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Media Training

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