Public Relations

"Publicity is absolutely critical.  A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page ad."  Richard Branson

Public relations is all about raising your profile.  So if you've ever wondered how your competitors manage to get themselves in the newspapers, on the radio or on television, it's probably because they've got a great PR professional behind them.  

FDPR’s experienced journalists know and understand what makes a story and what reporters will write about.  We are not talking about advertising.  We are talking about editorial. We identify newsworthy stories, have good contacts with the press, know how to write a good press release and how to pitch a story to a newsdesk.  We know what a journalist needs and understand the importance of deadlines.  We can also react to a current news story that has relevance to clients and can put them forward as an expert commentator.

PR should be a fundamental part of your business and there needs to be a continuous “drip drip” of information so that when people need your product or service they automatically think of you, because they already know you and trust you.  And when your sales team calls to offer your services to another business, they will already be familiar with your offering.

So if you want to see your business featured in the newspaper, on radio or on television, get in touch now.

Public Relations

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