“99% of the reasons why websites fail are 100% preventable.” Rebecca Murtagh, “Million Dollar Websites.”

A brand’s website or blog should be its biggest investment, but sometimes it becomes a public relations liability.

These are the words FDPR don’t want to hear when they pick up a phone to a reporter who says they’ve just looked on a client’s websites and it’s been nothing but a pain. It’s great sending them a hot press release but when the copy on the company site leaves them cold, you’ve lost 90% of your coverage potential.

This rollercoaster of emotions might sound familiar if you’re working on the design or redesign of a website or blog - where clear content is essential.

Your website is one of the most critical components of your PR & marketing.  It is often the first impression people have of you.  It represents your brand, image, culture, personality, mission, vision and business proposition. Many organizations ignore their websites - and their neglect is obvious.

Our copywriters have written, and continue to update, dozens of websites, so get in touch now to let us help you stay ahead of the game.


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